24 Hour Journey

24 Hour Journey

In 2015, I was on top of the world. I had everything I needed and a few of my wants. Having celebrated my 50th birthday, this was going to be the year I would inhale my second breath and continue dancing in the sunlight.

The day came the sunlight transformed into darkness. Within three months, the rug was snatched from under me. I found myself jobless, carless and almost homeless. I also found myself without a plan of how to make it from one day to the next.

Have you ever feared not knowing what the next day would bring? How do you pay your bills with zero income? Will your inner circle support you through the trials? How do you keep your circumstances from swallowing you whole? If you can relate to this experience, then you share some of the same similarities of experience that I have.

I experienced two things that answered all my fearful questions. First, I had to seek God to help me turn my fear into faith. Then, I had to use my faith as a guide to live each day as it presents itself rather than cramming 48 hours into a 24-hour day.

24 Hour Journey is a woman’s story of how her life evolved from trials to triumphs. In less than one year, Yvette gains new employment, develops servant leadership skills and enjoys her life’s second breath one day at a time.





24 Hour Journey (Kindle Edition)

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