30 Minute Meals with God

30 Minute Meals with God

The Royal Candlelight (The Royal Candlelight Culinary Series)

Lynn Williams’ “Devotional Cookbook for Godly Living” is the most comprehensive and compelling book on spiritual food that I have read. Lynn’s professional background and Christian walk are evident as she introduces the reader to the intricacies of culinary art to illuminate God’s desire that we realize spiritual maturity. From childhood we learn that daily intake of nutritious food is necessary for healthy biological, cognitive, and emotional development. Nutritional loss compromises overall health and wellness, and may lead to death. Equally important to healthy living is spiritual development. Lynn guides the reader through spiritual food groups, menus, and utensils required to develop a personal relationship with the Lord in order to attain spiritual maturity. All aspects of food preparation are examined, such as “food safety” and “soul contamination.” Actual recipes from an appetizer to a dessert add to the uniqueness of this book. Matthew 5:6 states, “You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink; the best meal you’ll ever eat.” Read and be blessed!






30 Minute Meals with God: The Royal Candlelight (The Royal Candlelight Culinary Series) (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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Lynn Williams
Lynn Williams is a certified gourmet chef with a culinary arts degree in French cooking. She received her college degree in culinary arts and hotel management. Presently she is attending the Hebrew University of Israel to extend her education and interest in Hebrew Bible course studies. She is the cofounder of The Royal Candlelight Christian Publishing Company. Her career has been established as an author, workshop presenter, Bible study teacher at the Teleois Institute, and ministry director for Vacation Bible School, events planning, Fitly Joined, and the political awareness ministries of Ecclesia Christian Fellowship, one of California’s well-known churches in the community and in the Inland Empire, located in San Bernardino, California,
Lynn has owned her catering, floral designing, wedding and events planning business for over thirty years. She has also developed her own line of Christian books called The Royal Candlelight Christian Book Series. This series of books is being developed to point you to the truth, which can only be found in the Word of God. Five of the books will be “spiritual culinary recipe books,” study guides written in culinary allegory based on all sixty-six books of the Bible. A second line of Christian books will be based on life experiences and various life situations and social topics of interest, written in allegory to encourage true believers in God by assisting them in finding the truth about what God has said about their life challenges according to the governing principles of His Word.
Lynn is dedicated to humbly serving God and His people by taking every opportunity to minister, love, and cater to “picking up the broken pieces in the lives of believers.”

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