5 Common Study Problems and How to Solve Them

Most people have gone through the tedious routines of college life. For those students still in such learning institutions, various questions come up through the process. For instance, are you willing to sacrifice a part of yourself to secure a healthy future? How much are you going to pay? However, the future is not always clear, and despite the steps you choose to take, you’re still likely to encounter hardships.

Therefore, once education takes up your social life and sleep, how do you deal with such situations? Below are some of the five methods on how to handle increased academic pressures:

Stay in Your Study Room

You’ll need to make some seemingly minor but actually significant adjustments while preparing for long study routines. The working environment is an important part of your overall preparation as it becomes your second home. For students who are new to long study hours, they should know that activities such as sleeping or eating will take place here. Hence, if you are not careful, you might suffer from depression and health complications as a result of stress.

After preparing yourself mentally for the tedious task ahead, begin by creating a learning shrine. Fill it with color, decoration and a right amount of love, and you’ll not regret. For learners living in dorm rooms or college hostels, a bit of interior designing would go a long way in improving your educational experience.

Your study area should also be very comfortable and free from distracters. Consider applying a perfect blend of furniture and other essential learning accessories depending on your excellent tastes. Always look for a balance between fun and simple home features!

Once you’re through with home decorations, start creating your office area. Do not spare any expense, especially once you come across affordable books, relevant to your field of study. Also, learn about those online libraries which you can easily access during your learning hours. Afterward, stack the study room with color pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and highlighters. Remember to also have sufficient energy food; you are going to need it in bulk!

Learn How to Handle Temptations from the Internet

Students mostly waste their time on chatting or browsing social media. Taking part in random conversations with friends through continuous replies, sharing photos and tweets, reduces your effectiveness in learning. In a real sense, time spent socializing with your friends on social media is still important. The challenge comes in trying to fit in these activities to your learning schedule.

How do you go about this problem? Simply set up a study program or timetable, to help you differentiate between education and socialization hours.

Procrastination is another vice that exists as a result of the internet. Today, students are putting off important assignments just to scroll through various websites and talk to friends through Facebook or Twitter. Before you put off tasks, first ask yourself if doing that would end up making you smarter. Ignore your computer for some few days, and you’ll experience outstanding results!

Students are also tempted to access the internet to keep in touch with various events. However, before you go looking for the hottest movie in the theatres, consider the dangers it may add to your educational experience.

Solitude and Devotion

During study sessions, you might get too committed and before realizing it, the day comes to an end. You wake up the following day and follow the same continuous repetition of daily tasks. In such situations, as a student, you are likely to suffer from loss of self-esteem and confidence.

While solving this problem, you need first to establish a proper attitude. Take a deep breath, and a have a serious conversation with you. Come up with a list of past accomplishments while remembering that a number of them were probably difficult to achieve.

During prolonged study routines, the feeling of emptiness becomes overwhelming. Eventually, you end up feeling frustrated and discouraged. In such situations, you should slow down a little and take part in activities that make you happy. For instance, take a long shower, watch a captivating movie, take up yoga classes or listen to instrumental music.

Lack of Me-Time

Even as situations continue to get harder, you should always stay clear-headed and motivated. Despite the severe learning conditions, you should always allocate some time for your personal needs. Besides, taking a breather helps to refresh and keep your brain perfectly stimulated.

Keep your body healthy through wellness control procedures. Pay close attention to your spine to avoid a backache from extended study hours. Be cautious on the level of light during these sessions as your eye sight stands at a greater risk of getting damaged. However, most importantly, remember to eat well. Fish, green tea, and nuts help you improve your concentration and memory.

Losing Sight of Your Goals and Objectives

The continuous successes and failures might cause you to feel discouraged and sad. A series of defeats might make you question your capabilities. At times, the matter is so severe that it causes complete lack of motivation and interest. Such feelings may last for several months while taking up valuable study time.

If you are going such a situation, all you need to do is to weigh all your prospects. Many are the times when we try to go beyond our potentials. Discover what you can do and gradually push your limits. Be ambitious and patient. It doesn’t mean that because your friends are achieving their dreams, you won’t too. Do not compare yourself with anyone and also go step by step!


Are you a student struggling with any of the above challenges? Read through the given solutions and start making life changes. If you are studying for an exam or working on some proposal essay ideas, the above remedies will help you emerge as a successful scholar. Keep in mind that education is a continuous process. What you learn today goes a long way in determining your future!

Jake Lester

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