8 Ways to Boost Writing Productivity Without Much Effort

Everyone who doesn’t want to get more productive, raise your hand! What? No one?

Of course, we all want to achieve better results in less time. Getting more productive means doing more work without exhausting yourself. It means getting the needed rest and committing to different relaxation routines while reaching better performance at work. How is that possible? It’s all about time and energy management.

There’s a catch: no one wants to invest a lot of effort in getting productive. We just like to sit there and wait for the results to fall out of the sky. We promise to do better tomorrow, but we continue with our old, unproductive practices we’ve turned into habits. Is there a way to achieve better productivity level without shocking our lifestyle? There is! You only need to make small changes that won’t make you feel exhausted, but will change the way you do your work.

We suggest 8 productivity-boosting tactics that don’t take much effort.


  • Set Recurring Alarms


When the alarm is recurring and you keep hitting snooze, you can track your progress. Henry Rogers, a writer from BestEssays, explains how recurring alarms make him a productive writer: “When I’m working on an essay or any other kind of project, I set the alarm for 10 minutes and I keep snoozing it. It rings on every 10 minutes, and I use it as a reminder to make mental notes of what I’ve achieved during those 10 minutes. This mental trick pushes me to work more and I don’t even think of checking what’s new on Twitter during this session.”


  • Invest in Capsule Wardrobe


Have you noticed that some of the most productive people on Earth have been wearing the same outfit every single day? It’s not about the lack of style. It’s about simplifying their lives. You put a lot of effort in looking good. You have to pick an outfit in the morning, choose the right shoes to go with it, and think about the watch and other accessories. If you’re a woman, things are even more complicated. You have to apply the right style of makeup, pick a bag to go with that outfit, and act stylish all day long.

We’re not saying you should wear the same thing to work every day, unless if that’s what you want. We’re saying you should invest in capsule wardrobe – timeless pieces that go well in every outfit. You’ll save yourself a lot of time figuring out what combination to wear when you just grab the first thing you see.


  • Make the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode Recurring, Too


You know you always have to work in a precise time of the day. According to your daily schedule, that’s when you take care of the most important tasks. The last thing you need is a phone call from your mom or endless notifications from social media at that time. Set a recurring ‘do not disturb’ mode to get rid of such distractions.  


  • Stop Getting Notifications on Your Phone and Computer


Have you noticed that all websites want to send you notifications lately? Don’t fall for that trick. When you’re working on an important project and you rely on online resources, you don’t want to be disturbed by those notifications.

Don’t forget to turn off the notifications from your smartphone and tablet apps, too. Most of them are not worthy of attention. Whenever you install a new app and it asks for permission for notifications, don’t fall for it. Needless to say, you’ll keep the notifications from Evernote, Any.do, and similar apps related to your working routine.


  • Whenever You Can Delegate Simple Tasks, Do It!


When you realize there’s no time for you to complete all tasks on your list, simply delegate! You think you would be more productive if you rested instead of cooking today? Well, order healthy food and take that rest when you need it.

You’re working on a project and you can’t cover all aspects of it? Depending on the task, you can always get help from freelancers at websites like Upwork, Freelancer, TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and Mturk or SuperiorPapers


  • Learn How to Say No


If a colleague, superior, or friend is asking you to do something that would put too much pressure on your schedule, just say no. Explain that you have to stay focused on the tasks you’re currently working on, so you’ll do them well.

Doing favors and getting extra work is always okay as long as you can do it. If you think you’ll be complaining after you accept the offer, then don’t do it! Be smart with the way you use your time and don’t let anyone waste it for you.


  • Stay Away from Social Media


You’ll need huge willpower for this. Social media is sometimes necessary for work, and you need it to stay connected with friends. However, if it’s taking too much of your time and it’s making you unproductive, it’s time to set some limits. You can install the StayFocusd extension on Google Chrome. Set a reasonable limit, and the app will block distracting sites once you reach that limit. If you’re using social media only for connecting with friends, an hour will be enough.


  • Plan the Breaks


A productive schedule should always include breaks. If you work without any interruptions throughout the day, you’ll easily lead yourself to a burnout. For a break to be productive, you have to plan it well. For example, you can plan to have half an hour on social media after finishing a chapter of the report. During the afternoon break, you’ll have lunch and hang out with colleagues. You’ll have a coffee break after the next working session. Plan how long these breaks will last, so they won’t distract you from your work.
How about that? Have you tried some of these productivity hacks? Tell us what works for you!

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