To Dance With Ugly People

Ugly Is As Ugly Does

To Dance With Ugly People (Paperback)

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Lorene Stunson Hill
Lorene Stunson Hill is a new aspiring author from Florida, USA. Her first fiction novel, an E-book is titled; "To Dance with Ugly People," and is now available in Paperback. Lorene was born in St. Louis, Missouri but grew up in Detroit, Michigan then moved to Central Florida. Her life was not as she would have wished it to be; one of ease and luxury. In fact, the opposite was true. She wished to make it more than it was and tell her impressions in a story, warts and all, to help others and help bring forth something good out of misery. Family experiences are universal. Lorene drew from the wealth of experiences placed in her path to create, "To Dance with Ugly People.” Along that path she completed Creative Writing Courses at the University of Central Florida under the esteemed guidance of Professor Wyatt, Wyatt, who taught her that, if you want to write you cannot be a coward. Lorene was never a coward.

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