A Goblin’s Mind

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A Goblin’s Mind

By (author): J. D. Dresner

Doctor Harlow is a therapist for some of the most peculiar patients in the Skarsgaard Kingdom: A wizard perfectionist with a big secret, a prince and princess who are having marital issues behind closed doors, a woman-unicorn hybrid with hoarding issues, and a goblin teenager who prefers the company of his imaginary friends over real people. On a mysterious island somewhere in Corwyn’s oceans, these seemingly unconnected patients are more tied together than Harlow first believes.
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A Goblin’s Mind

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J.D. Dresner
J.D. Dresner was born in Toronto, Ontario, smack dab in the centre of a wishing well. A small scar on his cheek remains from the nickel that inadvertently hit him after a passerby made his wish regarding a tuna sandwich that, for once, didn't have bits of celery mushed in it. Dresner grew up in Richmond Hill and returned to Toronto decades later, only to find the wishing well had been filled so that condos could be built over that plot. For over two decades he's been writing, expanding his fantastic world of mystery and magic. He's published many short stories as well as one novella, while another novella is in the works. Four major books are also scheduled to arrive in the near future, all of which are tied to the same world--the world of Corwyn.

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