A Thousand Reasons

by R. L. George

Is now available from Black Opal Books, Amazon.com, and Barnesandnoble.com.  Author website: author-rlgeorge.com.

This shamelessly political novel uses a near-future sci-fi approach as a vehicle to explore today’s world through a retrospective lens. In the story, the battle of the sexes is fought to its explosive conclusion.

Clara James is a twenty-seven year-old Master Journalist living in the year 2060. The world has changed drastically; wars and diseases have caused a significant reduction of the world population, and because one disease targeted the male sex in particular, it is estimated that there 800 million women left on earth, but only 10 million men. Overall, Clara and most of the remaining population believe society has improved under the rule of women, and possibly it has. Murder, rape, pedophilia, abuse, poverty, and racial tensions have been essentially eliminated.

Of course, no world is perfect, and one great threat remains. A faction of violent men, which calls itself the “Restoration,” refuses to accept the advances of society. Clara’s world is rocked when she meets Frankie Milan, a woman who will shatter Clara’s illusion of global contentment. Frankie—who challenges Clara’s reluctance to fall in love—must convince the Master Journalist to help the Aegis save the world.

Hope you love it!





A Thousand Reasons: Prequel to the Hearth Chronicles (Kindle Edition)

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A Thousand Reasons (Paperback)

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R.L. George

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