A Voice In the Mountain

Silverleaf Series

Stormy and Jasper have a long journey in front of them to find the truth about their family roots.
Stormy has a destiny that she must accept, whether she likes it or not. Her world has been turned and twisted as one dramatic event after another pushes her to find the missing pieces of her life.
Jasper’s dreams reveal more about himself than he ever knew he could do. In his journey to find Stormy, he finds himself to be very powerful when faced with desire to save Stormy from the whole truth.
The first two books in this series is from Stormy’s P.O.V and the third and forth is From Jasper’s P.O.V.
Book 1
After the tragic death of her mother, Stormy learns that she is special in ways that doesn’t understand, nor does she desire to. That is until she has no choice but to go live with her estranged Grandmother in the Kiamichi Mountains.
Will Stormy accept the truth about her destiny?






A Voice In the Mountain: Silverleaf Series (Kindle Edition)

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Joanna Blackburn
Joanna Blackburn

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