A Priceless Gift from Life


School failure is frightening, as if it were a gauge of failure in life, as if the notes and assessments given in school were true determinants of your entire life, having a job, being a happy adult.

Good news: Being in academic failure does not translate to becoming nothing in life. It is quite possible that your brain isn’t ready to retain this or that learning. It could also mean that the particular learning method used is not the right one for you or that you find it hard to focus on studying for a long time.

Life does not stop at a school or university failure or any form of failure for that matter; on the contrary it is for many where life really begins. It is at the point of failure which we tend to question ourselves, and it becomes easy to fall into the trap of victimization at this point. Nonetheless, we get to know ourselves very much, discover who we truly are and what immense potential we have in us to realize what we ought to realize in our lives.

This book wants to birth a club that will break the wall of blockages, shame, prejudice, frustration and social, cultural and political alienations that perhaps persuaded you that by failing at school or at university, you were an automatic failure in life and that you were a loser. This is false!

On the contrary, you will discover throughout these chapters that failure is a fantastic tool to free the enormous pool of resources and resources that are dormant in you and whose existence you do not know.


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Simon D'Orlaq
Simon D'Orlaq is an entrepreneur, an author and a self-made man who was born in the south of France and has lived in Southeast Asia for the past 21 years. He is married, with 2 children and his home has an open-door policy for stray cats.

Simon owns several businesses, but also uses his spare time to good effect, being the founder of a football academy for disadvantaged young people and an NGO which helps unmarried women with children and promotes rural development in Cambodia.

Having found at an early age that excellence in traditional education is not always the most important thing, Simon coined the quote; “Life does not stop at a school or university failure, or any form of failure for that matter; on the contrary, it is for many where life really begins.”

Since then, he has made it something of a mission to show others the way to success, through methods which do not involve passing exams at school.

Simon is, of course, an author as well. He has published one book and is currently working on a fiction novel and a series of fantasy novels. His self-help book Academic Failure: A Priceless Opportunity in Life, also promotes his theories about education, life, failure and success.

When he has time to relax, Simon enjoys horse riding, writing both fiction and non-fiction and participates in the martial art of Kendo. He is also a serial traveler, who has often found himself well off the beaten track.

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