Adventures into Space

2777: A Space Oddity: The laugh out loud comedy adventure (Adventures into Space 1)

By (author): Nick Temple

“If you are a sci-fi comic addict, THIS IS THE BOOK for you” (Goodreads)

2777: A Space Oddity is a return to the golden age of naïve 1960s sci fi but with a modern comic twist that will appeal to anyone who enjoys Douglas Adams, Doctor Who or Dilbert.

Can you imagine life stranded on the other side of the universe with no hope of getting home?

Butch, Carol, John and Fingers are the last surviving crew members of the British Empire’s SS Pioneer. One is practical, one is insane, one is a genius and one is a self-motivated facilitation node.

What begins as a simple mission of cultural exchange and mineralogical exploitation soon becomes a nightmare as a freak cosmic accident sends the Pioneer billions of light years off course to a corner of the universe populated by space Nazis, slave traders and hungry shape shifting aliens.

Butch is a highly decorated team leader with certificates in motivation, problem solving theory and getting the most out of rotas but even he struggles to pull this disparate group together in the face of religious intolerance, time travellers and the loss of their outsourced logistics partner.

In space no one can hear you scream… but they can hear you laugh.

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Adventures into Space

In 2777 the British Empire rules the space waves! (The British Empire Space Service Series Book 1)

Nick Temple

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