Adventures of a Space Bum

Adventures of a Space Bum

Book One Starlost Child

When Starwort Bacchus finds herself running from her landlord, skipping out on the rent, she jumps aboard an automatic repair vessel and hitches a ride to the next port. But the search for her father’s legacy, the inheritance her uncle nearly decimated, takes her to planets where friends and enemies are hard to identify, and her best ally is a computer. With a pocket full of “Universals” and a ceramic blade strapped to her thigh, she travels the darkness looking for a home. Instead she finds a growing list of places she cannot go to again, including a place she has never been – Earth.






Adventures of a Space Bum: Book 1: Starlost Child (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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Adventures of a Space Bum: Book 1: Starlost Child (Kindle Edition)

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Eileen Batson - Midnight Whistler Publishers
Born in Washington, D.C., Jon Batson was always curious about the meaning of life. He valued love, freedom, philosophy and education and firmly believed “if you do not grow, you shrink and “If it ain’t fun – don’t go!”
A creative soul and free spirit, he left behind his legacy through music, short stories, books and his popular four-part, YA science fiction series – Adventures of a Space Bum.
Jon Batson passed away January 16, 2017. Throughout his 72 years, he touched thousands of lives. His memory will live on through his music, short stories and books, continuing to touch more lives over many years to come.

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