Ancient Mariners

Ancient Mariners

If Death sets you on a journey, what can you do but follow where it leads? Ancient Mariners is a dark, slightly paranormal, coming-of-age adventure novel adapted from the author’s own screenplay. Beth, 14, and her crewmate, Silas, 45, have lost their families to violence. They sail the South Pacific, seeking solace for their grief. But Death has a task for them. Beth Portman, a normal, happy, 14 year-old tragically loses her parents to violence. She stays with her best friend, Judy, and her controlling father until Judy tells her she has to go away. Beth joins her sailing mentor and unofficial uncle, ex-SEAL Silas Tuft 45, aboard his sailboat. Silas lost his wife and daughter to violence years earlier and still blames himself. Together, they head into the Pacific Ocean seeking solace and peace, and possibly love. The two are natural shipmates, but as they make their way around the Pacific, it becomes clear that tragedy and violence follow them wherever they go. Beth becomes convinced Death, in the form of a black Albatross, is preparing them for something much bigger. When Judy runs away and joins them in Australia, followed by her very dangerous and abusive father, Beth and Silas discover Death’s plan for them and the single act of revenge that will set them free of their guilt and grief.







Ancient Mariners (Kindle Edition)

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Ancient Mariners (Paperback)

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David Burton
David Burton

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