The Animals In An Exercise In Futility

The Animals In An Exercise In Futility

The Fishes, the birds and the animals are back together again. This time their concerns are their loss of a sense of identity, a desire to know a source of their origin and the purposes for their existence. Also there were the ever present threat of extinction to some species. The answer to these questions is believed to rest with man and group are formed to meet with man to get answers and also man’s perspective. There is an expectation of excitement because one group include a fox and a snake and they were considered to be the masters of cunning and deception.





The Animals In An Exercise In Futility (The animal series) (Volume 3) (Paperback)

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Prince W Bradford
Born and grown in Mandeville Jamaica W.I. I A graduate of Manchester High School, Jamaica. Now residing in Florida USA. I am a professional salesman. My parents loved telling stories and in writing poetry I try to capture the mood reflected in my every day experiences and my reflections on life.

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