Between 2 Lives

Between 2 Lives

One Man’s Journey from Musician to World Adventurer

When Howard and his family emigrated little did he know then, that the seeds of wanderlust so planted, would curtail a promising future as a musician but have him, instead, exploring some of the world’s off-beat destinations.

The author is no mean adventurer and no ordinary traveler. When visiting a country, he immerses himself totally in his experiences, taking his readers to new levels of awareness. With the dry humour and typical understatement of an English northerner, this earthy narrative introduces the reader to a life lived like a tin can tied to a dog’s tail. One moment he is sharing a Huey helicopter with the Norwegian Airforce to discover mysterious caves beyond the Arctic Circle, then he is off climbing mountains on four continents or beating Melanesians in an archery contest.

His wacky adventures find him, cycling through the Italian Alps, bedding down with a tribe of corpse eaters in the Land of Laughing Death, becoming embroiled in tribal unrest in Papua New Guinea and dining on python. If that was not enough he attempts to keep one step ahead of major natural disasters in South America, and in a single day tries not to be poached alive, frost-bitten, sunburnt, asphyxiated, roasted, sand-blasted, scarified by winds strong enough to remove beards, and steamed until tender in the Land of Ice and Fire.




Howard Michael Beck on Blogger
Howard Michael Beck
I was born in 1947 in the northern England city of Leeds, in the county of Yorkshire. In 1959 my family and I emmigrated to Australia but returned UK after 2.5 years. Though I trained and qualified as an automobile engineer, I have been a freelance writer-photography since the early 1970s. I have been an explorer, mountaineer, rock climber and have travelled the world extensively. I do some serious cycling these days.
I am a regular contributor of illustrated features to British magazines and have written/produced 20 books. I have only recently gone down the self-published ebook route.

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