Blood Rain in Trieste

Blood Rain in Trieste

By (author): George Henry

Milo Marchetti, a club owner, smells a rat when an exotic woman asks him to arrange a murder with an offer he cannot refuse. He soon finds she’s big trouble: the catalyst for confrontations with mobsters and religious zealots, and with police who brand him a serial killer. Drawn into a dangerous love affair and her criminal family, will Milo commit the murder for her? When shocking truths about the woman surface, he must choose: a deceitful lover and enormous power or a return to his previous life as a musician. Or is there another shock in store for Milo?

Blood Rain in Trieste’s witty, morally pragmatic Milo Marchetti will appeal to fans of Philip Kerr’s hard detective, Bernie Gunther, Robert Wilson’s fixer, Bruce Medway, and Len Deighton’s insubordinate Harry Palmer. If you want a furiously paced thriller with memorable characters, humour and uneasy love, this is it. Don’t expect a pat ending.

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Blood Rain in Trieste

A Thriller

Blood Rain in Trieste (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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George Henry

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