Book Giveaway For Snowflake River

Book Giveaway For Snowflake River

A Voyage Into the Great Spirit

The Great Spirit – the common spirit of all humankind – is in danger. It’s bleeding. And the consequences can already be felt: a strange, ominous, body-cooling phenomenon spreads throughout the world, causing a significant decrease in people’s body temperatures.

Two youngsters set out to investigate, and are caught in a worldwide, multi-dimensional adventure of a lifetime, which goes deeply into the infinite river of life – Snowflake River – where a terrible secret hides.

The fine balances between Mankind and its surrounding nature are at the heart of this book. The balances between new technologies and moral values, between development and conservation and between humanity and the Great Spirit. Carefully disguised, they create a magical allegory of a world haunted by greed and blinded by the flashing lights of advertisements.

Snowflake River is a highly imaginative and poetic story detailing the struggle between good and evil, old and new, free will and domination, while revealing the power of simplicity, innocence, and love.

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Ben-Ami Eliahu on Blogger
Ben-Ami Eliahu
Ben Ami Eliahu, 47, is married with two children. He lives in Israel and is the son of parents of Indian origin. The novel was mostly written in India, in a cabin within the heart of the forest; the creative process involved made the author, a software designer by training, move to the country and start growing grapes.

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