Broken Sky

Broken Sky

Broken Sky

A quiet, desolate setting. A cluster of old buildings isolated out on an alien plain. Overhead, the sky is a smear of reds and purples, a shell enclosing the world. Here, strangers banding together for survival must strike out into the alien wilderness in search of a way home.

Novella based on the science fiction screenplay “Broken Sky” by David R. Beshears, registered with the Writers Guild of America.

Broken Sky (Kindle Edition)

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Broken Sky (Audible Audio Edition)

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Broken Sky (Paperback)

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David R. Beshears
Award-winning screenwriter and author of science fiction, fantasy and adventure.
David's work has been praised by literary professors and by PhDs in science, by fans and by book reviewers around the world.
His miniseries screenplay adaptation of his popular novel "The Shylmahn Migration" won the Pacific Northwest Screenwriting Competition in 2007.
David lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State with his wife Sylvia. When not writing, he can often be found on any one of a dozen northwest mountains.


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