Business Writing Tips that Give You Profits

Business Writing Tips that Give You Profits


A good reputation, proper record keeping, effective communication and even the ability to persuade are all active pillars of any good business. However, to be able to achieve all these great factors, the company in question is primarily based on good business writing skills. Other than being able to create a brand and improve its perception among the masses, having excellent business writing skills also helps to drive profits, and boost brand confidence.

Despite such skills being a critical part of a firm’s success, coming across highly adept writing employees can be tricky. One way to go about it is to hire a professional firm. Not only do you save time and the funds that would go to supporting an in-house team of business writers, but you also forego the risks of having newbies take on the job. Some writing services can be an essential tool if you’re looking to outsource their business writing projects.

Alternatively, if your business would like to take the longer route and nurture a business writer, there are tips that would not only improve the skills of your employees but, would also reflect positively on the income of the firm.



Know Your Target Audience

It has constantly been noted in business “A message aimed at everyone will usually appeal to no one.” Furthermore, trying to focus on everyone is not a smart business move especially when your business is age specific.

To be able to communicate in an efficient manner, you need to know your readers, what they like, what appeals to them, their lifestyle and location. By understanding your audience, you create content that is more relevant to them which is not only economical but also offers better results.

Understand Your Message

Before putting pen to paper, it is important to try and figure out what you’re trying to achieve. Is this just another piece of information, explaining a new concept in the business or is your aim to trigger action among the readers?

Understanding the essence of your message and what you would like to achieve better equips you with the right words to trigger the emotions and reactions that you have in mind. A great tip, in this case, would be to use the ad-style types of slogans especially when you’re looking at actionable writing. Give the readers a reason to want to take action for the sake of profit or a discount.

Have The Mentality of a News Reporter

Being an expert in your field, it is easy to quickly forget the basics and what would be considered as obvious information. Leaving such information out can be disastrous for your readers. How do you escape such calamities?

Ensure you address the five W’s and one H: the What, Who, Where, Why, When and How. This way, you never leave out critical information that would help your readers relate, act and respond accordingly to the information offered.

Strive to Be Unique and Avoid Clichés

A great problem facing business writing is the undying love for buzzwords that have seen better days and have been worn out. Words like “service-oriented” or “solution-focused” have constantly been used.

By using the same words in your writing, you put yourself and your business in the same flock as the others. Most readers and customers want something that stands out and is unique. If you can’t avoid such words, a smarter way to work around it would be to come up with fresher metaphors for the same ideas. This way, you stay fresh and maximize on the number of readers that you’re able to capture.



Keep It Short and Sweet

It’s true that more people are spending more time online nowadays. That’s not your chance to bombard them with endless words that don’t make sense. You want to maximize on the few seconds that your readers give you. Keep your business writing simple and straight to the point. Using short sentences and paragraphs that are easy to read and hence better at capturing attention will give you an edge.

The idea here is to edit ruthlessly to keep the content relevant and do away with what would be considered as fluff. Bear in mind, the more people you get to read to the end, the better chances you have of making money.

Business writing plays so many roles in a business and similarly in its success. Weak employee business writing skills is a sure way to make losses, distort public relations and above all, lead to unfavorable impressions of the company.

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