Camelot and Holy Grail Revealed

Photographs of both. All secrets revealed. A book to rewrite history.

In ‘Camelot and Holy Grail Revealed’ the position of Camelot Palace is located, and the Holy Grail exposed to the world after centuries of wrongful speculation. There are photographs of both to prove beyond doubt these claims are genuine. Thereafter, the author continues to verify them by additional methods. When the first documented versions of the Grail romances were written by Chretien de Troyes and Wolfram von Eschenbach they state a magical presence is attached to Camelot; a claim modern readers ignore. Surprisingly, there is a supernatural element to this location. This element and additional facets are utilized in tracing the exact spot the building once stood. The Holy Grail created centuries of intrigue regarding its substance where modern authors wrongfully have said it is blood or a bloodline. However, it is a physical object so mysterious in nature it has led to these misconceptions being applied. For it was a nuclear engineer thirty years ago upon witnessing it firsthand said what it really was. Thereafter it took the author of this book another two years to fathom out a means of verification that would be beyond reproach. A series of photographs are evidence of all this. The early Christian sect of Cathars fascinate many. Upon the quest to find the Holy Grail a chapel where they were once said to manipulate light is investigated where, by accident, an apparition of the Holy Ghost is photographed. This may have been the same apparition they witnessed 800 years ago?! Battlefields of King Arthur are identified. A burial mound of the Knights of the Round Table up-river from where Arthur’s castle stood is found. The status of Morgan le Fay (the fairy) put in question. The castle of Anfortas the Fisher King of France surveyed. See the exact spot Perceval sat when he witnessed the Grail Precession. All codes and symbols the Knights Templar gave to the Grail when it was in their safekeeping revealed, plus a church of sanctuary for it. How the Freemasons attach a supernatural presence to King Robert de Bruce. Study an historic frieze that gives indication where the Grail came from and when; and so many other topics in a thoroughly researched book written from credible inside sources, thereby starting with the conclusions and working backwards so not to be misled on any issue, that is so entertaining to read.






Camelot and Holy Grail Revealed: Photographs of both. All secrets revealed. A book to rewrite history. (Paperback)

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Camelot and Holy Grail Revealed: Photographs of both. All secrets revealed. A book to rewrite history. (Kindle Edition)

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Robert Rae
I have a background in automotive technology and highly renowned for my works there. An uncle who successfully raced MotoGP and a grandmother from the Greigg family who were responsible for introducing the tractor into North America, devising farm implements and agricultural systems to arguably technologically advance the continent more so than any other where such genius was always going to resurface with future generations, but the biggest shock was it were a friend who was a nuclear engineer that first tipped me off as to what the Holy Grail really is and where it is?!

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