Caravan Travel Journal

Caravan Travel Journal (Motorhome, Camper, Caravan and RV Road Trip Journal) features prompts including: Departure from, Destination, Route Taken, Sights/Highlights, What I/we did, Where I/we stopped/stayed, Food/Dining, Places/things for next time. Each page also includes spaces for number of miles travelled and fuel prices. The reverse of each page is lined to record special notes and personal memories of your trip. Features an A–Z index to record places and camp site names from each journal entry. No more arguments over when and where you stayed or which places you visited on each adventure! Enjoy life and treasure every memory with your very own travel journal. Great gift idea! Rose Wood






Caravan Travel Journal (Paperback)

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R Wood
Rose Wood is a researcher, evaluator and author.

Her research interests in health and social care, leadership and learning allowed her to spend much of her career writing for a variety of audiences, including health professionals, research funders, students, practitioners and policy makers.

Some years ago she caught the ‘family history bug’, joined the Society of Genealogists and started searching for ancestors. Not content with tracking down her own, she started on her husband’s too and soon discovered an amazing wealth of lost lives and forgotten stories waiting to be told.

She lives in the UK, in a house too far from the sea and over-run with books she will one day get around to reading.

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