Charlie’s Odyssey: Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

By (author): Nick de Stacpoole

When Charlie and Jasper get together with Cressida and Cassandra they have no idea where they are heading. How could they aged nineteen and fresh out of school? It’s the early 80s: Britain is in economic decline, the punk movement still very much alive. London and New York are decadent places to party, with sex and drugs high on the agenda.

Charlie’s the first to fall. In London the gorgeous bisexual Parisian, Alexandra, is just too hot to resist. In Manhattan, the luscious blonde florist Kalea has some little berries she wants Charlie to taste. In New York we get to meet rogue ex-President Richard Nixon, Pop Artist legend Andy Warhol and an eclectic mix of celebrities. But there’s a terrifying new disease spreading through the city and people are dying whilst the lucky ones dance to the disco beat at Studio 54.

Tiring of life in the Big Apple the intrepid lovers make their way across the Rocky Mountains and end up in a zany commune in Colorado amongst the peach groves. Lesbian liaisons, MDA fuelled love-ins and mescaline induced hallucinations whilst traipsing through the nearby desert are just some of the treats on offer at The Sanctuary. There’s no better place to find a whole new family. But freedom comes at a price.

In a bid to save their souls, Charlie and his friends head West with Cecilia, queen of the commune, a golden beauty from California with a preference for girls. In hot pursuit on her Suzuki is Cindy, her lover, a tall blonde Texan with scorching good looks and a playful tongue. In Las Vegas the runaways take their chances at the roulette wheel and end up in a whirlpool with southern belle, Stacey Swallow. On the beaches of L.A. passions and tensions mount and a love triangle between Charlie, Cressida and Cecilia changes each of their lives forever.

Coming of age has never been such fun. ‘Charlie’s Odyssey’ is a celebration of counter-culture, an anarchistic and unashamedly hedonistic adventure that will leave you wanting more.

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Charlie’s Odyssey:  Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Nick de Stacpoole

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