Charlie’s Odyssey Vol. I & 2: Coming of Age

By (author): Nick de Stacpoole

Charlie’s Odyssey Vol.1 & 2 is a humorous coming-of-age adventure that follows the lives of Charlie and Cressida from the ages of 19 – 22. Along the way we meet the many friends that shape their lives and influence their sexuality.

In this epic saga Volume 1 takes the reader on a thrilling and intriguing journey from London to New York, up into the Rocky Mountains, down into a zany commune amongst the peach groves in the Colorado desert and on, via Las Vegas, to the coast of California.

Volume 2 covers Charlie’s university years at Oxford, where he becomes involved with the lovely loner Helen, whilst his girlfriend Cressida lives in Malibu with Charlie’s half-sister, Cecilia. Parenthood brings changes to the lives of both protagonists; but the lessons of sexual freedom learnt in the commune cannot be forgotten so easily.

The finale is set on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The story takes a satirical look at the early 1980s and is a literary pastiche of contemporary erotic romance.

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Charlie’s Odyssey Vol. 1 & 2

Coming of Age

Nick de Stacpoole

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