The Chase

The Chase, Part 2 of The Killing Game Series

The Chase

Part Two of The Killing Game Series

An emotional gamut of passion, control, deception, and death…

As the story continues, Ives turns the Bureau inside out, investigating the mistreatment of his wife during the Luca case. In the process, he unveils a secret from her past, linking her a hunted bomber, who is threatening her life while leaving cryptic clues to a twisted conspiracy. After an exhausting game of calculated, mental chase, the decisive moment arrives, and everything goes wrong when Ives and the bomber come face-to-face in The Chase, Part Two of The Killing Game Series by The Black Rose.

The Chase, Book Two of The Killing Game Series (Hardcover)

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The Black Rose
The Black Rose is an author and photographer--born in Chicago, currently residing in New York. When sitting down for a one-on-one with a friend, and fan of her stories, she answered the following questions.

F: What is the genre of your writing?

TBR: The genre of my writing is simply categorized as interpersonal relationships: people 's feelings, thoughts, emotions, and the intimacies between two people that truly love each other despite the circumstances surrounding them. I write about love, honor, and doing the right thing, even when it seems disadvantageous, even when it's not the popular path to take.

F: Why?

TBR: Because, sometimes you truly have to do what you have to do without blaming others and especially without blaming God.

F: Speaking of God, you quote the Bible in your stories and usually have a Bible quote in the opening pages of your books. Is there a reason for that?

TBR: Yes. I live my life by God's principles, not by my own preferences. If I quote God's word, it has significance to me and to the story.

F: How do you pick the subjects you write about? Let's face it, you write about the FBI, in general seem to be your main characters.

TBR: I don't pick my subjects, they pick me. Men aren't the only main characters. Don't most stories have a hero and a heroine? I'm traditional, even archaic. I believe in chivalry and honor, and I like to see more men and women pattern themselves after those virtues.

F: How much of your stories are real?

TBR: (Laughs) That's thin ice...let's not go there.

F: You write what you call the "Non-Fiction, Fiction." You push the envelope a bit at times. Fiction may not be the best description for your writing.

TBR: (Shrugs) What can I say? My stories choose me, not the other way around. People are intrigued by sensationalism. I'm intrigued by complexities and puzzles.

F: One last question: You write, design your books: interiors and covers, and then get them to the public. What is the hardest part of all of that?

TBR: Getting Readers to buy and read my books. Readers choose books for different reasons: reviews, popularity, advertising, recommendations, but in the end, they go back to the same authors because they understand and like the characters. That's trust. I sincerely hope that they trust me as an author and choose my books.


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