The Cheshire Cat 🐱

The Cheshire Cat 🐱

Prologue: about the authors description
Chapters: 1: Lost His Grin
Chapters: 2: Where He Landed
Chapters: 3: Working At A Career
Chapters: 4: The Real Authors Biography written by, Mary Ellen Campbell

Chapters:5 containing inside the book

Overall: submitted into Wattpad and has placed in several awards. 1st the Purple awards 2nd: The Litarary Awards 3: 2nd in HAAwards pending in several others.
A rhythmically written, poetic version, in a musical way. The words are backward and there are emojis to top the story lines and make the reading fun. I want to put this into a children’s book one day.


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Mary Ellen Campbell
I am a retired R.N. and am trying to write and get published. I have several books I have written for Wattpad and currently am up for an award with #TNTWillContest in the top Ten Finalist. I would appreciate it if anyone could read my books on Wattpad. Thank you for this! My appreciation is noted! Mary Ellen Campbell

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