INXS “Afterglow- Here I am lost in the ashes of time but who wants tomorrow” gives such a nostalgic feeling and takes me back into the college time. Those carefree days of dozing off at 3 am at night and waking up on calls of friends because YES you again missed the 10am lecture. How can I forget those pressuring times when you are loaded with assignments and college essays? How friendships were made in first year of college and how they narrowed down to only a bunch of few good friends at the end of the degree.

In between all this time, there were some common yet hard to handle college troubles that I faced just like many other college students. Studying at college brings in a lot of challenges on everyday basis whether it’s completing a college essay a night before submission or waking up on time for morning’s lecture.

I’ve jot down a number of my college experiences. To give my NOW College going friends I would like to share a few tips and tricks with them. Before moving on with the tips and tricks to successfully tackle down I want you to make sure to follow “no regrets” policy to enjoy every phase of your college life. Here are some suggestions:

Forget your homes, live in the dorms!

You will love it. Trust me!

Living in the college halls is what might as well be called a “definitive school grounds understanding”. Truly, you’ll become more acquainted with a large number of students who joined from different parts of the world. You’ll bond over essential things – like how you much laundry you have to do at the end of the week and how insane the instructors can get with homework. Essays all the way! But guess what? You can get help from your hall-mates. They’ve got your back.

You will feel domed when it comes to college essays

No wonder college essays and assignments in the first year drag you down. As you are settling down in a new environment you get to face a lot. I have been there and terribly presented but hey guess what? I passed all the courses. You have to make sure to have a backup plan in case you miss submission deadlines. Last minute working on college essays can be a HUGE hassle however a help from a friend can save your grades OR as a reliable solution you can always get help from the essay writing services.

Oh Bully Boy!          

Damn those self-obsessed and psychotic bunch of guys who make your life miserable in college by bullying you. Bullying is the MAJOR threat that you get in college over your looks your performance and what not BUT hey! You have to stay focused on what you want. You know your worth so don’t let any of those stupid guys make you feel low. To secure yourself, you can always develop your friendship with your seniors, there are good people too. Trust me friends like family always protect you in such times and perks of being friends with seniors can save you in MANY situations.

When you fail to improve your writing skills

Freshman Speech or class presentation none of these are less than a nightmare for a student. I was that person who was not good at writing and of course speaking in front of too many people. I faced pretty bad experiences but still managed to improve my essay writing skills over a period of time. There are plenty of online forums which helped me go through my writing crisis. You can also get help from your friends and teachers. Initially you would hesitant but eventually with time you’ll be able to polish your writing skills further.

Even if you feel frustrated or drawn back at times just now that it’s just a beginning and you are not alone in this. So chin-up and enjoy the little moments of your college years.



Emma Perry

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