Conspiracies of Colours

Conspiracies of Colours

Wherever he goes, colours chase him and hound him. They dog him to no end. He is a committed chromophobe, a victim of a strange condition called chronic malachromia. His aversion to colours and the deep hatred he nurses for them are not a new phenomenon. He developed them right when he was a teenager.
Later as a journalist, he finds himself victimised by colours, whichever publication he worked for. Disgusted, he quits active journalism in the quest of colour-free vocations such as e-publishing and teaching. Sadly, he discovers to his dismay the entire knowledge sector is awash in duplicitous colours.
That pushes him to turn to non-profits. And later to electoral politics, which survives solely on double-timing colours.
Seeing no escape from colour conspiracies, the committed chromophobe turns into a colours-chasing chromophiliac. Nevertheless, colours continue to conspire against him. Felled by fatal colour conspiracies again and again, he relapses into chromophobia. There on, his life story takes a tragic turn.
What happens to him finally? What are colours doing in his life now? Where do colours finally take him? Do the diabolical conspiracies of colours, integral parts of every human life, succeed in getting him finally?
“Conspiracies of Colours” is not just the story of a chromophobe. It is the story that reflects on the colour-dilemmas everyone of us face and the shocking story of the duplicitous lives most of us lead today. Packed and peppered with colour aphorisms, colour wisecracks and colour anecdotes, this edge-of-the-seat thriller is a must-read for everyone.
Simply because this is everyone’s story, as we all continue to be victims of colours sometime or other.







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Harish Kumar
Harish Kumar is an Indie author with extensive experience in journalism. As a journalist, he has authored an impressive 1,400 stories and thus he has had a close encounter with language, its usage, its evolution and the endless metaphorisation English words go through. As an Indie author, he has authored to date seven titles. The Metaphoric Madness series contains four illuminating volumes and this is the first in that series. For any one who is serious about using language, written and spoken, with beauty and felicity, with clarity and imagery, this is a must-read and an indispensable asset.
Who Took The Orange from my Rainbow? was his debut factionette (mini fiction spun around facts or an actual event). And the other two - Mega Projects Mega Realities & Canons of Corporate Surgery are case studies-driven business and management books.
Harish Kumar curates, edits and publishes six e-dailies. These are: E-Publishing Ecstasy, The E-Publishing Daily, My Money, Startup Story, The Fearful Future and The Holistic Healer. You can find all the published issues and their links in, Harish Kumar's website.

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