How to Control Your Financial Destiny

By (author): Jennifer Lancaster

If you want to achieve financial independence and retire at any age, there are some important things you need to know right now.

Learn why Lotto is not going to fulfil your money dreams.
Find out why you are the one to create your financial plan.
Discover how to protect your wealth — and plan for a rainy day.
Learn why leveraging makes one wealth vehicle a better option.
Read the simple rules of investing success… to create wealth for yourself instead of for others.

Australian super-saver Jennifer Lancaster explains the principles of saving and investing, using a common sense style. She urges Mum and Dads (and especially single Mums) to create their own financial plan and household budget. It’s in your hands, not that of a financial planner, property spruiker, or broker. This book has Australian references.

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How to Control Your Financial Destiny

Jennifer Lancaster

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