The Dead Dance Faster

The Dead Dance Faster – Book #1 – Unsacred Awakening: Spiritual Horror – Death, Afterlife, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller (The Dead Dance Faster Series, … Psychological, Death, Thriller, Afterlife)

By (author): Julie Hacker

Fast-paced, Gothic, horror novel.

Jael discovers the intensity of a Screaming Ego’s lure and the seductive persuasion it wields into the thoughts of one or many. Once she steps into this reprobate, spiritual realm, avoiding the shrouded mind of Pastor Thomas Jude bids impossible. His fundamental authority of those who accept and justify their own deep and miry entanglement of religious mystery unfolds before your eyes.

A family saga filled with horror, mystery, suspense, drama, fear, diabolical wickedness, truth & love.

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The Dead Dance Faster

Unsacred Awakening

The Dead Dance Faster: Unsacred Awakening (The Dead Dance Faster Series) (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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Julie Ann Hacker
Great to meet you. My name is Julie Ann; I'm a writer and author of true-to-life horror--dark and literary--tales portraying life's fiery masquerade through fiction and non-fiction.

My motto: Live young in spirit & guided by truth.

To date, I've published the first book in The Dead Dance Faster Series, Unsacred Awakening, with plans to release book #2, Spirit Breaker, this summer. I'm busy rewriting My Name Is Sacrifice, a short story soon to be transformed into a novel; and writing and editing Underground Neighborhood - Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse, a memoir. Plans stand in the works for their releases by summer's end.

I honed my writing skills alongside a few inspirational people, notably my creative writing and literature professors. And, I whetted my curiosity for life and its subtleties alongside my sociology and psychology professors--not to mention through my personal-life homilies, the greatest teacher of all.

Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, I live life in the Laurel Mountain foothills where my imagination spurns and twists stories of intrigue, mystery, and suspense. Although I've taken an “early retirement” from religious/non-profit work, my days fill quickly with writing fiction, non-fiction, and writing my blogs, ScreamingEgoBlogMaiden, which you can find at my author site; and my Depression Dimension blog, which you can find at

When not spending my ‘free time’ with family and friends, you'll find me reading, knitting, biking, walking, yoga-ing, Starbuck-ing, and studying metaphysical/spiritual stuff, and mystical mysteries. And, I'll travel anytime I get the chance.

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