The Elements of Elven Magic: A New View of Calling the Elementals Based Upon the Periodic Table of Elements

By (author): The Silver Elves

THE ELEMENTS OF ELVEN MAGIC: A New View of Calling the Elementals Based Upon the Periodic Table of Elements is a book to use for summoning and evoking elements to help you in your life and magic. Based on the Periodic Table of Elements in chemistry, the authors perceive each element as a special spirit that can be called for assistance and support in life. Taking a new look at the idea of the elements and the elementals, the Silver Elves have once again merged the reality of Science, which is Nature, and Occult tradition and have introduced the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water into the modern age of the Periodic Table of Elements. It is a new and original view of the Ways of the Ancients as expected of the Elves.The Silver Elves present for your consideration a new and elven way at pursuing the magical art of evocation of the Elements and the Elementals. This book is a great helper for practicing magicians. The wish of the Silver Elves is that it serves you well and hopefully evokes your own imagination and stirs your particular and individual style of magic.
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The Elements of Elven Magic

A New View of Calling the Elementals Based Upon the Periodic Table of Elements


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Martha Love
Martha retired in 2008 with her husband, Michael (Zardoa) Love, to Oahu, Hawaii. And immediately upon first laying on the sandy beaches, she decided to use her leisure time to begin a writing career. Three years later, she published as a co-author with her colleague of 40 years, Robert W. Sterling, a book called What's Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct. It is a narrative of the maturation of sciences of psychology and neurology that explores gut feeling intelligence and is based on their lifetime career experiences as guidance counselors, educators, and school psychologists. They also have a recent book publication, Increasing Intuitional Intelligence, that explores the education of gut intelligence for developing intuition, wellness, and longevity.

Over the past four years, she has also contributed as a co-author to many of the 35 books written and published with her husband under the pen name The Silver Elves, both fiction and non-fiction, on magic and enchantment and the Elven Way.

And in 2014, she also published a cookbook called Mom's Island Bakens: Over 50 Altered Recipes for a Happy Gut and Healthy Heart, which is written to help people improve their lifestyle choices for healthy eating and shares her original recipes for a happy gut and a healthy heart. Her latest book, Maggie's Kitchen Tails, is coauthored with Rosemary "Mamie" and Douglas Adkins and is a delightful book of original dog food recipes and puppy tales.

Martha Char Love was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and grew up primarily in Georgia and Mississippi. She received her BS in Elementary Education in 1968 and an MA in Educational Psychology in 1970, with a 5th year certificate in Psychometry in the School Psychology department. She was a counselor/instructor in the '70s and early 80's, working as both a career counselor and instructor at Meridian Junior College and later in a large community college, Santa Fe Community College (SFCC), in Gainesville Florida, as well as a licensed School Psychologist for the Alachua County Schools K-12. It was at that time that she first wrote a text for her classes with her colleague, Robert Sterling, about the gut instinctive responses that they were discovering with people they were working with in career exploration. In 2005, she received her MA in Depth Psychology and continued her study of the gut instinctive response in a research study at Sonoma State University. In 2008, she received her PMA in Art Therapy. After years of study and new medical breakthroughs supporting the intelligence of the gut brain, she and Robert Sterling have written the groundbreaking book "What's Behind Your Belly Button?.

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