Flash 40: Life’s Moments

Flash 40: Life’s Moments

By (author): Janelle Jalbert

2015 Readers’ Favorite Silver Medal Winner, Fiction – Anthology

Moments are what create a life. Beginnings. Middles. Endings. Moments to treasure…Moments to forget…Situations that change life forever.

Can those moments also be shaped by what is Beyond? How much of life is what lies before our eyes? Do some moments in life give us a glimpse of something more?

“Janelle Jalbert combines touches of romance, mystery, paranormal, and fantasy into heartwarming and thought-provoking journeys that leave the reader happily satisfied.” Modern Bookworm

“The power behind the story leaves you wondering, leaves you turning the pages as you’re reading, and most definitely leaves you wanting more from this author.” Undercover Book Reviews (Triangulating Bliss)


You’re invited to experience life’s moments. Share in flashes that propel lives forward through a variety of beginnings. Enjoy life’s in-between times where lessons are learned; life is sustained through the daily grind; and gifts of synchronicity, serendipity, and downright comedy are granted. Find out how endings may be neither black or white nor happy or sad. Some conclusions remain ambiguous. Beginnings, middles, and endings weave together to shape a life. But, is that really all there is to living?

Find out more in Flash 40: Life’s Moments. Experience moments from around the globe in 40 flash fiction stories:
Establish a new life with Christine as she rediscovers her power in “Home”
Race for the checkered flag with Beau in “Career Day”
Discover the power of waffles in a “Birthday Wish”
See how a “Rabbit” makes a state trooper blush
Find out how life as she knows it ends for a “Sorority Girl” who does her sister a favor
Learn about Chassidy’s belief that “The Ends Justify the Means”
Meet Duck-Young, an “Ageless Character”, who acts as if chivalry isn’t dead
“Be Careful What You Wish For” because you may get it…just like Neil
Understand how “Reality Television Hell” may include you too
And many more… (Romance, Supernatural, Second Chances, Military, Family, Travel, Grief, Love, Metaphysical, Humor, Ghosts)

FLASH 40: LIFE’S MOMENTS is Janelle Jalbert’s fiction debut with TRIANGULATING BLISS serving as her debut novel. It is Book 1 in the MYSTIQUE OF LIVING series.

THE MYSTIQUE OF LIVING SERIES: All books are stand alone. NO cliffhangers.

All books can be read as stand-alone pieces. NO cliffhangers.

TRIANGULATING BLISS includes an abbreviated Reader’s Guide. The Companion Guide, THE BACKDOOR TO BLISS, is also available with an expanded content, deleted scenes, the story behind the creation of TRIANGULATING BLISS and much more.

10% of all proceeds from the novel and 100% of proceeds from the Companion Guide will go to funding children’s wishes as part of the Bliss Challenge.

Janelle Jalbert has ghostwritten more than a dozen top selling nonfiction books on a variety of topics for international clients. She also worked as a copywriter for some of the biggest online names and worked as a national motorsports reporter/photographer. Jalbert enjoys bringing stories to life that celebrate the magic in everyday living. To learn more about her current and upcoming releases and promotions visit TriangulatingBliss.com. Jalbert currently lives in Southern California, though she regularly returns to her second home in North Carolina when her pack of pups grants her a vacation.

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Flash 40

Life’s Moments

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Janelle Jalbert
Janelle Jalbert is native of Southern California who is prone to traveling at a moment's notice, including regular escapes to her "second home" in North Carolina. Her path to becoming an author was a diverse and eclectic one. She spent more than a decade teaching middle school, high school, and university classes, while trying to avoid the call to publish by following the "responsible" path. Eventually, her passions helped her make the break from the classroom when she became a motorsports reporter and photographer. Her earliest publications included a chapter contribution to "Conscious Entrepreneurs", reporting on motorsports and graduate schools, and stories posted to Flash Fiction Magazine. Using her experience with yet another of her interests, wine, Janelle is the author of the upcoming book "Wine for Beginners" from For Beginners Publishing. While pursuing her own writing career, Janelle continues to ghostwrite on a wide variety of topics for various clients. Janelle's fiction writing highlights her love of magical realism, which was the area of study for her M.A. in English from National University. She often includes elements of the paranormal, mysticism, and metaphysics in her writing.


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