Flights of Emotions

Flights of Emotions: My Life is an Airport

By (author): Katenna Adderley

Exploring “Flights of Emotions” is an opportunity to experience my life in transition: Past, Present, and Future. The past deals with my relationships with others and how those relationships have affected me. The present is the mature me who is striving to make better choices for myself and learning to living with the wisdom of my past. The future is a blend of me, past and present, evolving into what I’m destined to be, my NEW reality.

In this book I share with you my heart, my fears, my joys, my sorrows, as well as my victories. This book and everything that I have or will create is a reflection of who I am as a woman. My story is my story, yet I pray that it has a relatability to give a voice to your own story.

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Flights of Emotions

My Life is an Airport


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Katenna Adderley
I am a mother, a friend, a woman, and an artist. Selling Katenna is an Umbrella for my creativity. An atmosphere for painting, writing, ands designing.

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