Hernando Villa by Terrence Perera

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    “Hernando Villa: A Sri Lankan Love Story” by Terrence Perera

    The book is about the upper class Hernando family living at Goratuwa, a town in Sri Lanka. With this family as the central focus of the book, stories are also told of people connected to the Hernando family – their Tamil friends whom they saved during the 1983 race riots and their Sinhalese friends who had an inter-caste, inter-religious marriage.
    The love story is between Nihal Hernando and Padma Rajaratnam. Padma is sent by her parents in Canada to Sri Lanka to get herself a suitable husband: a husband who is Jaffna-Tamil, high-caste and Hindu! Nihal’s parents want him to marry a Sinhala, Christian girl of the same caste as themselves.
    The book deals with how both families initially vehemently oppose this love affair, but eventually give in and consent to the marriage.

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