I Found My 100 Year Old Mother

This story will draw you into another world. A world where people have fantasy parents and don’t know who they really are. You will be astounded to discover that this is a true story, because it is beyond imagination.
It started in 1946 probably during a cruise to The Bahamas and is not over yet!
I wrote it while all the events and incredible coincidences were still fresh in my mind.
If it wasn’t so well documented and witnessed by many I might believe that it had never happened.
When I was born in an up-market nursing home on the Southside of Dublin there was a hard border between the north and the south of Ireland. I was smuggled across it so that I could be adopted in Belfast.





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Hilary Bassakaropoulos
Hilary Bassakaropoulos nee Hanna was brought up in Belfast by her adoptive parents. She discovered that she was born in Dublin and spent a lifetime searching for her identity. She found her mother the artist and free spirit Molly McIlree (1906-2010) three days before her hundredth birthday. Her mother wanted to be more famous than Einstein and this prompted her to write her first book "I Found My 100 Year Old Mother. Hilary has lived in London,Nairobi,Athens,The Hague,Copenhagen,Leipzig and Vlas In Bulgaria.

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