The General Theory of Reality

Spiritual Relativity in Music


‘The General Theory of Reality’ treats the hypothesis that ‘science’ is not perjurious. It is a reality-check theory for ‘science’. It shows natural history is a perjurious delusion for courts to end. That must come to court if the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) exists to accredit fair science. The system of science today is bedevilled by natural prejudice. It denies fair rights to key groups as a spiritual cause of the holocaust. Now 2015 is the centenary of Einstein’s general relativity. His theory is about how space-time feels to non-caring observers. ‘The General Theory of reality’ happens to generalise Einstein for how reality feels to caring observers. It empowers fair observers and courts. It is a breakthrough in true science. The book hints at how that looks mathematically. However, fair reason should suffice in court to end natural history. The book ends with a real world theory of spiritual relativity in music.

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I am a physicist BSc first class Kings College, London with PHD in X-ray Diffraction of biopolymers from Bristol University (see Linkedin profile). I felt a calling to study the foundations of physics and mathematics. That led to books described here such as 'The General Theory of Reality'.

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