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God’s Amazing Grace: A Collection of Inspirational Poems and Stories

By (author): Brenda Lee Compton

The Author created this book in the same styling of writing as the Author’s do for ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ books. All Stories are true life experiences. Names and Locations changed to protect the identities of all individuals involved. The author was somehow one of the characters of three of the enclosed stories. The fourth short story was on other hand was created using several combined stories that was shared with her; to create one heartwarming story. Each photograph taken and poem was written by the author and shared to help inspire and make a connection between the reader and stories being told.I The Author hopes you the reader will find enlightenment. Perhaps a sense of believe that anything is possible. When you are at the end of your rope….. You can survive what seems un-survivable. Or perhaps you can see the true love that is within and worth never giving up the search for. Happy Reading
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God’s Amazing Grace

A Collection of Inspirational Poems and Stories

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Brenda L. Compton
Brenda Compton was born in Chicago Illinois. Has resided in Tennessee since she was a child. An easy going laid back kind of lady. She enjoys writing different styles and genres. Firmly believes you can find inspiration just about everywhere. Her writing style often feeds off of her emotions and life experiences. Currently occupies space in Knoxville Tennessee with her 3 children.

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