Good Dog

Good Dog

By (author): Dale Crowe

Good Dog is a sci-fi short about the first near-human intelligent canine produced by a genetics lab.

This is a short story that started out as an homage to the writers and stories that helped form my interest in writing, anthropomorphic characters and science both fictional and real. This story quickly became an exploration of my bone deep fear and anger regarding Alzheimer’s.

Rating: G
Length: 2255 words (about 6 pages on most readers)

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Good Dog


Dale Crowe
Dale Crowe graduated from Seneca High School in Upstate South Carolina. After serving ten years in the US Army Infantry he was honorably discharged as a Sergeant. When he returned home from the Army, Dale decided on a career in Electronics and attended ITT of Greenvile, SC and graduated with an Associates of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology.
While in High School Dale discovered a love for creative writing and was a founding member of the SHS Creative Writing Club. He mainly wrote poetry and lyrics and didn't get into writing short stories until his second tour in the Army.
Military science fiction stories and stories about anthropomorphic beings in science fiction or fantasy settings made up the majority of his writing and remain his favorite genres to this day along with horror, history, politics and social commentary.
Dale currently lives near Seattle, Washington with his partner of more than a decade and is studying Screenwriting and writing novels, playing guitar and doing what he tells everyone is "singing". Local opinions vary.


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