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Greats on the top: Secrets of success, financial intelligence and access to billions (1)

By (author): Dr Osama Ahmed Bahudila

Money a great blessing from God he said: “bestows on whom He will”, those who have worked hard, have gone accepted method, they walked in his rugged ways, knew his secrets, the secrets of success and methods of earned it, learn its secrets to reach up to glory. There are greats and experts in the field who have reached the billions and achieved dreams until they reached to the summit, of these: Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffett , Othman bin Affan, and many others and with the history of these greats you will sailing in my book to take interest and access to what they have achieved and with the secrets of success and successful in another door and with God’s name the rich know that it is Fadlallah bestows to whom he want and with secrets of the financial intelligence and from this secrets drink and follow the behaviour of financial success, all that and more you will find in my book “greats on the top ” “first part” Let’s sail in their secrets to reach to the desired.
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Greats on the top

Secrets of success and financial intelligence and access to billions (1)

Greats on the top:Secrets of success, financial intelligence and access to billions (1) (Kindle Edition)

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Dr.Osama Ahmed Bahudila
Dr. / Osama Ahmed Bahudila doctor and author was born in a charming town called Aden in the most beautiful town called Yemen on the twentieth of October 1972 father of five sons: Nooran, Abu Bakr, Alaa, Lina and The last cluster Abdul Rahman Allah made them worthy successor to the best predecessor, most of his life spent in Aden where he completed most of the stages of primary and secondary education in different schools of the province of Aden, where he joined the military service in the field of teaching at one of the schools of Aden, according to then to get a scholarship to complete his university studies in the field of medicine and surgery at a nearby Arab countries study there until graduating in two thousand and two in the year of birth in the field of General Medicine and surgery, and returned home after that to work in the province of Marib as director of the hospital rural Cree, which was under construction to stay in the province for a full four years, then enrolled in the course of post Graduate Studies in the field of Internal Medicine, where he completed his studies specialized in this area before moving to work in Saudi Arabia, where he worked at a clinic there and then returned home and is still working so far in the Health and population Office in Yemen .

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