Headscarves, Head Wraps & More

Headscarves, Head Wraps & More

How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying Techniques

Like to know how to wrap attention grabbing (or discrete) head wraps?
Do you look in the mirror and despair at the state of your hair?
,strong>Clueless about how to tie headscarves that stay put and make a statement?

This book will teach you how to tie compliment attracting head wraps in no time at all. It can be so easy! The styles look amazing in less time than it would take you to curl (or straighten) your hair. Headscarves can boost your look in seconds. Imagine walking out the door, feeling great; confident, covered and chic!

After years of practice and research, showing others how to tie headscarves – hands on – I can now share these wonderful head wrap tying techniques with you… so welcome to the wonderful world of scarf and head wrap tying!

Inside you will find 26+ wonderful ideas for tying head wraps and scarves.


  • Each design has clear step by step instructions;
  • There’s a full page CAD (Computer Aided Design) illustration
  • A photo (or two) of real women – or ‘Eddie’ the mannequin.

This gives you the best chance of easily replicating the designs on your own head.

There’s a BONUS section too with ‘outside the square’ ideas .

Are you a fashionista? Well, wow, what a statement a headscarf can make!
There may be a bad hair day… a breezy morning at the beach… dog walking… a cruise… or a party.
Perhaps you wear a headscarf for religious reasons or modesty… You’re a chef, or work in an area where you need to keep your hair clean, or going to a Spa. We have you covered!
Do you have hair loss due to chemotherapy, or alopecia? How self-assured and amazing you will feel.
There are any number of reasons to learn how to tie headscarves… you tell me!
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Headscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying Techniques (Kindle Edition)

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Headscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying Techniques (Paperback)

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Kaye's first book, 'Running for a Cause', came about as the result of a need to do something to help raise funds for her nephew's chosen charity - the North of England Children's Cancer Research (NECCR) fund, after his 2 year old son was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Since then she has written a children's novella, 'The Truth About Amber - When Little Fibs turn into Great Big Lies', and the 'How To' book, 'Headscarves, Headwraps & More' - inspired by her volunteer work and love of scarves! Enjoying other people's stories so much - Kaye is also a Biographer and teacher of Life Story Writing.
Born in the UK, Kaye was a primary school teacher for 20 years, some of them as Deputy and Acting Headmistress, and as a Special Educational Needs specialist.
Kaye is now a stay at home mum in Melbourne, Australia, focusing on her family, writing, and volunteering with her local hospital. Added to this she has a rescue dog named 'Peaches', who loves long walks on the beach!

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