THE POPULAR CHOICE…But Why Do Nearly Three Out Of Every Four People Who Die Still Go To Hell?

This 309-page book addresses the issue of why so many more people who die go to hell rather than heaven.

We approach the matter both biblical and scientifically; while the Bible does not provide numerical, just how many people who die go to hell just as it does not provide us instructions on how to wire a house for electricity. It does plainly states in Matthew 7:13-14 that the number of people going to hell far supersedes the number of people going to Heaven. Why?

God created the universe to operate by laws – laws of physics, laws of nature, and spiritual laws. These laws work to precision, and they are fixed, permanently, without negotiation for any change. They work identically the same way for the entire human race around the planet. For God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34; Rom. 2:11).

Therefore, as we examine, biblically, the law of salvation, we are able to use scientific research as a tool to guide us on just how many people who die go to Heaven and hell. Statistics and data, mathematically, enable us to calculate approximately the ratio of people who go to hell verse going to Heaven.

1) If God is Triune, what scientific information available to prove it?
2) Since God laws are identical the same for the entire human race on the planet, is the law of salvation for mankind to enter Heaven, one and the same for everyone on the planet?
3) Are there more good people in hell than bad people?
4) How did the monied, powerful plutocrats and economic elite seize control of America, and what does that have to do with the subject matter?
5) Should you need a blood transfusion, would you prefer the blood of someone from the same race with a different blood type, or from someone with the same blood type but of a different race? Could understanding the correct answer to this question be the key to solve the race crisis in America?
6) This book helps Christians to better understand and explain to none Christians who God is, who man is, using charts and diagrams; and why there is only one way to God, and not several ways.
7) It also helps unbelievers to examine, scientifically, that the universe is triune, and why the Bible is truly the Word of God or God’s manual to the entire human race.

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Heaven: The Popular Choice…But Why Do Nearly Three Out of Every Four People Who Die Still Go to Hell? (Kindle Edition)

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Truman Massey
Truman Massey, Ph.D. (1945 - ) was born in Coldwater, MS, moved to Chicago, IL and on to Portland, OR where he finished high school; attended the University of Oregon where he received a BS degree in Speech with minors in education and sociology. Later receiving post graduate certificates in management and real estate from the University of Cincinnati and West Los Angeles college. Worked to bring extra curriculum programs to elementary through high school children with the Boy Scouts of America. He later worked with the American Red Cross as a consultant to address the need to supply blood for the residents of Los Angeles County.

Having the entrepreneur spirit, He opened a closing store and a auto service center. However,
his greatest journey would take him into real estate where he worked as an investor and developer for more than 25 years. In 1980, he decided to run for a congressional seat but God had another plan. So, he returned to school where he received his MS degree and later his Ph.D degree in Theology. He first organized the Christian Record Book which is now known as the Comprehensive Christian Planner. He also recently completed his new book, "Heaven: The Popular Choice...But Why Do Nearly Three Out of Every Four People Who Die Still Go To Hell?"
He also developed the LifeTime Calendar series and is currently organizing 1plus1plus1 ministry
which enables churches to activate 90% of members for church growth.

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