Heavyweight Marketing

Heavyweight Marketing

Knockout Strategies for Building Champion Brands

Attention Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Is your business a 98-lb. weakling? Do competitors kick sand in your face? Then muscle up your marketing and transform your brand into a champion!

Step in the ring with Heavyweight Marketing and discover potent, practical strategies that will help you build a distinctive brand bold enough to knock out your customers – and your competitors!

The book is filled with rich stories, examples, anecdotes and case studies directly from author Nikolas Allen’s recent 3-year stint running marketing consulting company, BAM! Small Biz Consulting.

Allen’s brisk writing style is chock full of keen insights, irreverent opinions and a healthy dose of pop culture references making this modern marketing manual both essential – and fun – to read.

Follow the author’s real-world client examples as you learn to:

  • Define and articulate your unique brand value
  • Create meaningful marketing messages
  • Identify and engage your ideal audience
  • Determine your optimal tools and tactics
  • Produce dynamic marketing that packs a punch
  • Build a truly distinctive small business brand

Punch your way out of the crowded, cookie-cutter landscape of typical small business marketing and turn YOUR brand into a champion with Heavyweight Marketing.

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Heavyweight Marketing: Knockout Strategies for Building Champion Brands (Paperback)

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Nikolas Allen
A lifelong creative with a background in art, music, video production, and a serious jones for pop culture, Nikolas Allen has enjoyed a 20-year career in advertising. He has written two non-fiction marketing books, and is currently at work on his first novel.

His debut book, "Death To The Starving Artist - Art Marketing Strategies for a Killer Creative Career," helps ambitious artists turn their hobby into a career. His new book, "Heavyweight Marketing - Knockout Strategies for Building Champion Brands" transforms small business owners into champion brand-builders. Learn more at nikolasalen.com.


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