Herbs and Other Cures

Herbs and Other Cures: Rare Herbal Healing

By (author): Devika Primic

Rare herbal plants, and other cures is a natural way of life for many tribes. For centuries people have used herbal medicine. A well-formatted text on the most rarest herbal plants from African herbs to European herbs. A way to find out more about another form of treatment for many ailments.
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Herbs and Other Cures

Devika Primic on Twitter
Devika Primic
Devika is an Indian writer. Born in the Republic of South Africa and has found her peace in tranquility in beautiful Croatia.

The life experiences and challenges gave me more strength to move forward in a new life and culture.

''Writing opens your mind to all kinds of experiences when you believe you are hopeful in life.''

In the many years of writing Devika has certainly created an effective way of holding a reader's attention. On various articles all of which are to the point short or long, and are just so interesting.

Let's face it an on-line reader's attention span is short and getting to know of the author's work further is no exception.

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