Hit Your Restart Button

Hit Your Restart Button

How To Reinvent Yourself And Start Living A Zero-Limits Life

In This Amazon Best Seller You Will Get A Must-Read Self-Help Book Loaded With Controversial Knowledge On Conduct Of Life For You If You Desperately Want To Reinvent Yourself But Don’t Know How To And Are Looking For A Stupid-Simple Structure To Create A Brand New You
In this refreshingly life-changing book, author, speaker, and corporate trainer Ranjan Kumar gives you breakthrough ideas you can use right away to be, do, and unlock the power of divination within. It’s a complete package of mind-body medicine on existential psychology and subtle psychoneuroimmunology that will take you much beyond run-of-the-mill self-help. After about two decades of his personal experience in self growth, he shows you how simple it is to turn your life around, and the stupid-simple ways you can do it by yourself. Once you are ready to start over and build your dream life, Hit Your Restart Button will help you: explode the perceptions that were never yours, start from scratch, and create a newer YOU!

Here’s what you get to explore once you read this book:


    • How to smash your perceptions and consciously create newer ones


    • How to think creatively and make meaning


    • How to take charge of your personal success


    • How to de-stress yourself by putting life in right perspective


    • How to identifying the biggest ‘why’ of your life


  •  How to practically use the super-effective tools to create a newer you






Hit Your Restart Button: How To Reinvent Yourself And Start Living A Zero Limits Life (Kindle Edition)

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Ranjan Kumar
Ranjan Kumar was born on 1 May 1978 in Odisha, India. After his early exposure to a series of mystical and paranormal experiences he turned to alternative therapies to get attuned to finer forces. He eventually found his authentic passion and purpose – helping people find meaning.

Now he is a professional trainer, speaker and writer specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations on Personal Productivity, Personal Effectiveness, and Personal Transformation.

In 2015 he stood as the #1 Outstanding National Trainer for the NTTTS South Batch (India) 2015 at Trivandrum. His first book “The Communicator – Get the Mindset before the Techniques” is being used as a participant manual in his workshops on Communication Skills. His talks and seminars of Goals, Personal Responsibility, Meaningful Change, Success Psychology and Personal Development bring about instant inspiration and lasting results. His forthcoming books and products too are going to help you bounce forward and make meaning.

As you choose to follow him, share his work with your loved ones, right away. Because that’s the greatest gift you can give to someone you deeply care for – a chance to start over!

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