Hitchhiker and The Nameless, two novellas


Hitchhiker and The Nameless, two novellas


The two novellas under this cover–Hitchhiker, and, The Nameless, are works of Transgressive fiction, in that, the protagonist in each goes against the norms and expectations of society for young women, as they seek instead, authentic experiences, in their quest to find their true selves.

In The Nameless and Hitchhiker, the woman characters are confronted with such things as date rape drugs in her drinks, a group LSD trip, the actions of the insane, phobias and their own mind-fuck deceptions. One is confronted with the hard realities of her own biology in the form of an unplanned pregnancy and unexpected miscarriage brought about by a horrific deception.

In the Hitchhiker, when a teenage girl goes to a party, she never guesses that one night will set off a life-altering series of events that she’s still seeking to understand years down the road. A dream-premonition starts her off on her journey, that ultimately leads her to return to the beginning.

The Nameless is about a young unmarried American couple traveling in Mexico. The Nameless is also about gold–lost and found. The man, in this couple, loses his gold Krugerrand coin on a remote beach in a desperate attempt to both conceal his alcoholism from his girlfriend and find a satiating drink. The couple encounter a man who has spent years–using rare maps and a metal detector–searching for gold left behind by pirates. At a newly excavated pyramid, enveloped in the intensity of a golden sunset, the young woman unexpectedly finds shiny valuable gold at her feet–succeeding in her quest, but in a previously unimagined form, she finds and lives an enlightened life–however briefly.

These short stories don’t gloss over the horrors of existence but leave in those gross details usually considered too taboo to mention. This e-book of fiction is for readers who need to be told, rather than left to figure things out via innuendo–as if such bizarre experiences as portrayed by these characters could be guessed.

This e-book is forthcoming, and you can get the latest updates and news about this e-book on the Gold Sandals blog here.

Marie Kazalia


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