How to Increase Personal Power and Influence Others: Powerful techniques and concepts that enable a person to enhance success in business and in life.

By (author): Mr Dan Monticelli

This revised edition provides proven techniques that allow an individual to increase their personal power and influence over those around them. The subject matter focuses on internal methodologies that enhance personal growth, external methodologies that enable influence over other people and solid concepts that can be used by anyone to create success in their personal and professional lives.
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How to Increase Personal Power and Influence Others

Powerful techniques and concepts that enable a person to enhance success in business and in life

How To Increase Personal Power and Influence Others (Kindle Edition)

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Mr Dan Monticelli
Dan Monticelli has worked with privately held companies, corporations and public corporations and held positions from analyst to president. He spent about 15 years in various leadership development roles training, assessing and improving leaders and companies using various quality-based methodologies such as the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria of Performance Excellence.

In addition, Dan has been involved with mind dynamics and the study of consciousness. His book on a simple method of Tarot Reading was developed as a tool for accessing unconscious imagery for personal growth.

"You cannot really study the topic of consciousness and get it. That would be like growing up in a desert and reading about water. You must choose a developmental technique and put it into action"

Dan also practices meditation and internal martial arts, such as Ba Gua and Tai Chi. He received training in the hypnotic arts and had a motivational clinic in New Mexico that helped people improve their overall life condition.

Additionally, New Mexico was where Dan spent his spare time prospecting for gold, silver and gemstones. He transfered his passion for recreational gold prospecting into a book and continues to train others on a simple methodology for making money with scrap gold and silver.

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