How To Prepare For A Deposition

How To Prepare For A Depositiion

By (author): Mr. Ernest C. Blount

43 Unique “How To” checklists. WHAT TRIAL LAWYERS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!”HOW TO PREPARE FOR A DEPOSITION”This Manual EXPOSES the weaknesses of some defense attorneys and their lack of predeposition preparation of a witness. Included is foundation background information and easy to use, step-by-step guidelines for fixing the deficiency.43, concise, cut to the chase, easy to use checklists. STOP! Read these tips before you or an employee testifies at a Deposition! WITHOUT this knowledge you are at a level of risk you don’t understand! DON’T allow another employee witness to attend a Deposition until you have read this Manual. If you, or an employee witness, have not been properly prepared to testify your organization is at RISK OF A CATASTROPHIC LOSS.Insurance policies and umbrellas have dollar limits… jury’s don’t!ALARMINGLY, the importance of such preparation may be neglected by some defense attorneys. Policy holders frequently, and incorrectly, presume that such preparation will or has occurred. WARNING! A five minute briefing, with a witness, in a hallway, by a defense attorney, just prior to a Deposition, is not acceptable. LACK of preparation cannot be fixed during a Deposition; great damage can be done by the unprepared or under prepared witness.BE INFORMED! TAKE CHARGE! It’s management’s responsibility to insure that each employee witness is thoroughly prepared, either by an attorney, or them, prior to testifying in a Deposition or at trial.To assist management in achieving that end, the Manual learn HOW TO: (1) Survive a deposition. (2) Properly prepare your witness to testify. (3) Recognize defense attorney weaknesses in witness preparation. (4) Prepare a back-up plan if attorney deficiencies exist; an easy to use, step-by-step model plan is provided. (5) Mitigate witnesses’ fears and insecurities. (6) Develop witness self-confidence, organizational respect, and trust. (7) Mitigate the potential for a catastrophic loss! (8) And much more.STOP the assumptions! Improve the quality and effectiveness of employee testimony at a deposition, and if required, at trial. Such preparation may eliminate, or at least mitigate, the potential for a catastrophic financial loss.This Manual is a must have management resource. Grab it now… while it’s still available.
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How To Prepare For A Deposition


Ernest C. Blount
Mr. Blount is a Law enforcement and corporate security professional. He has served as a municipal chief of police and chief security officer for a publicly held corporation. In the latter position as a direct report to the CEO, member of the insurance committee, and company representative at trials. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner with comprehensive criminal and civil investigative experience. He provides litigation support as a consulting and testifying expert. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. Mr. Blount served with the 82nd Airborne and 77th Special Forces Group (Abn). The novel, Death Is A Window, is his first and he draws upon his experience as a homicide investigator with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department to tell the tale. He resides with his wife in Florida.

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