How Will My Product Sell In Mexico?

Read this book and in just a few months make more money exporting your product than you have in years. You will become a Mexpert! Sound unbelievable? That’s Sandro Piancone’s specialty. Since 1998, he has generated well over $500 million dollars in sales and profits for his clients and partners helping them export their products into Mexico. By reading this book and executing on the ideas presented, you’ll create more sales and gross profit margin than you ever dreamed possible. Here’s what you’ll learn from How Will My Product Sell In Mexico? Get the most from a focus group Learn about the successes that might surprise you Simplify the hardest and most forgotten part of business Build your marketing plan Harvest the gold mine tradeshows – and learn the biggest mistakes brands make Master the Mexican Language of Business Acquire the right distributor and decipher Contracts And the real kicker – Discover how to get $300,000 of Free Advertising! Read this book and BECOME A MEXPERT! The practical tips in this book will change your life and put you on the fasst track selling in Mexico and make you a Mexpert.

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Sandro Piancone
Sandro is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first business at the age of ten, placing video games in retail outlets such as pizza shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes for a friend of his father. The late 1970's were a great time for people in the video gaming business, and Sandro was paid $50 for each placement he made: big money back then, especially for one so young in business. Somehow, Sandro spotted the top of the market, took his profits, and moved to a more lucrative hobby and business: collecting comic books.

But that was then. Having founded and built up several successful businesses since, he now describes himself as a "recovering" CEO of a publicly traded food service company in Mexico. Sandro has introduced a number of U.S. brands to Mexico, and helped to build them to multi-million dollar brands: including Miller Beer, Thrifty Ice Cream, Roma Food, and Rockstar Energy Drinks. He sits on several corporate boards, advising on issues such as trademark and labeling requirements. He presently works with clients including Little Caesars Pizza, Queso Nery's, Nery's Logistics, and 5-hour Energy. Since 1998, he has generated well over $500 million dollars in sales and profits for his clients and partners, helping them export their products into Mexico.

He works long and hard to make sure that his clients, and their products, move to market as quickly and smoothly as possible with no problems 50 and the highest profits.

You see, in his own businesses he's made all the mistakes that could possibly have been made in transitioning from the United States to Mexico. He's had product stopped at the Mexican border because the paperwork was fouled up. But only once. He's seen his product sales hit by unfair competition issues inside Mexico. But only once. Every time he's made a mistake, he's learned from it.

It's this experience, a dedication to great customer care, and an attitude of providing flawless execution of tasks that he not only brings to Mexico Sales Made Easy, but also instills in all his staff.

While not traveling throughout Mexico, Sandro lives in San Diego with his amazing wife K, and his 2 cute M&Ms. He enjoys collecting rare "signed first edition" books (both comic books and autobiographies.)

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