Hoyt’s War

Life and lunacy in a post-Trump American dystopia

Hoyt’s War: One reluctant American’s fight against a President who has brought the country to the edge of madness

Features: Hoyt s War One Reluctant American s Fight Against a President Who Has Brought the Country to the Edge of Madness
By (author): C Y Gopinath

It’s 2020 in America. In four stupefying years of a lunatic presidency, President Barry Codbag has made America the most reviled and ridiculed nation on the planet. And he’s just getting warmed up. Now he wants four more years. He wants to turn America into a monarchy. Decriminalize rape. Impose a tax on sex. Create a special Grey Area for people who think too much. Ban the past and future tenses. Daniel Hoyt is just an ordinary American who hates a fight. But he knows he’s in trouble when he inherits an ancient book with answers to all of America’s problems. And Codbag wants it. He knows it will help him get re-elected. Should Daniel Hoyt give him the book? Or should he stand up and fight the madness sweeping his country? This is the story of an ordinary man who reluctantly takes on the most powerful man on the planet in a hard-hitting, riotous and all too plausible satire of a dystopian America.
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Hoyt’s War


cygopi on Twitter
Author, film-maker, app designer, cook. Just released Hoyt's War, a novel about a dystopian post-Trumpian America in 2020.

Other works: The Book of Answers, Travels with the Fish.

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