Hurlburt’s Constant: The Scientific Discovery of Big Bangs

By (author): Jason Hurlburt

Hurlburt’s Constant depicts big bangs and multiverses, scientifically, showcasing Hurlburt’s constant, which depicts a fishnet of possible big bangs, incisively, and being rejected from Scientific American early on, Jason Hurlburt is happy his plural noun big bangs survived. He has worked with his invented the Big Bangs theory and the Big Bangs model since the early 2000’s. He plans on related books: Big Bangs, Big Crunches, Hurlburt’s Constants, Explosive Amplifications, Open Universes, Closed Universes, Multiverses, and other ones, in years to come.
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Hurlburt’s Constant

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Jason Hurlburt
I started writing early on.

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