I am New here!

I am New here!

I have spent my whole life as the new kid and then the new guy on the block as I grew older. I have traveled my whole life, and I have moved around a lot.

I am not an MK or a diplomat or army brat, I began my massive moving around because of the civil war that fell on the country that I lived in. It was called Yugoslavia. But I am not a Yugoslav, I used to be, I guess. But not fully, I am a mix of everything in Europe and Europe is the closest I can say where I am from.

I was born in Germany my first name is Igor which is the Russian version of the viking name Ingvar, and my last name Ferluga is Italian. I was born in Germany and I lived all over the place. While I do feel and like being European I have spend a large part of my life in South America and I do feel like part of my soul is Latino, but no matter what and how and where I never fit in anywhere. I was never fully from any place, I never was one of the gang one of the boys from the hood, not even in Ecuador where I spend over 12 years of my life as a teenager was I fully a local.

Sure I would go to places that no white guy has ever gone and I came out with no problems, but I was always an outsider a waylander. And that has not changed and it never will. I know deep in my heart that I will never belong anywhere and never find a place that I am from for my heritage is far, far, far more complex than just the few details I put here. Did I mention I am French as well and Austro-Hungarian as well as Slovenian and Serbian? No well now I did and that is just the tip of the iceberg, oh also I am part Jewish the berg reminded me.

It is one thing in my life that is a constant and that is that I will never truly belong anywhere other than earth itself. Earth is my home, it is my place, the only place I belong and humanity is my nationality. I am a type 1 human so it makes sense to me any which way.

But that is just who I am and how I have lived, I have moved all around. I lived on Malta, in Korea, Ecuador, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Germany, France, USA, and none of these places was hard to adapt to. In a matter of days everywhere I lived I had strangers stopping me to ask for directions. Since I belong nowhere I also belong everywhere since all of earth is my home.

And so it is with everything and everywhere in my life. Where ever I go I am instantly at home and yet no matter how long I stay in one place I am never fully a local, since everyone knows that I am a mix of everything one can think of and not truly one of them.

So like always here I am. I am new, and I think I will like this place.

Igor Ferluga

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