I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside

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I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside (The Rescue Cat Series) (Volume 1)

By (author): Stefani Milan

This adorable, light and cheery poem-story is for children and cat lovers of all ages. It tells the woes of a cat whose family adopts a stray cat from outside.
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I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside

I wrote this book after helping to Trap and Release 13 feral cats through the Animal Welfare Association. This book is to help raise money to care for these cats and to provide shelter items for other homeless animals. It teaches the concept of sharing, friendship, and acceptance. I have a host of activities for teachers and students to encourage these concepts.

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Stefani Milan, Author
Stefani Milan is a New Jersey based author who loves to entertain and bring joy to others through her writing. She most enjoys creating worlds that readers will get lost in and characters they will love. Stefani is a graduate of Rutgers University-Camden, where she received a degree in English.

Stefani’s first book is a mystery thriller set in 1926 London and the mist-filled Scottish Highlands. The novel, called The Secret of Kolney Hatch, has been well-received with many great reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes and Noble. Stefani is currently finishing the sequel to this novel and hopes to see it become a movie or television series someday.

I Liked You Better When You Were Outside is Stefani’s first children’s book, created out of the calling to help homeless animals. After participating in a trap and release program, she helped neuter and spay thirteen “feral” cats. She then decided to foster them and after socializing them, is now looking to place them in forever homes. A portion of the proceeds of each copy of I Liked You Much Better When You Were Outside goes to caring for these cats and in the future, she hopes to donate necessities to other animals in need.

Stefani also loves to travel, loves adventure, enjoys acting and singing, and loves to study metaphysics.

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